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I'm happy to announce that the facelift of my website is now live!
As much as I liked the look and the personality of the old Hybris Factory, it was slowly nearing the end of its life.

I have created Hybris Factory back in 2012 as a little more than a place of internet to call my own.
Times change, however, as my personal and professional needs shifted away from just hosting a few doodles to creating
a respected and recognizable online portfolio I had to start thinking about building an environment to facilitate them.
This website is a result of that effort.


The facelift provides a better way for me to connect with and provide for my customers and viewers.
The store, now a central part of the website, received a complete overhaul which no longer makes those
who behold it to run away screaming.
The portfolio, which now includes more of my 3D work, is available for download and viewing under the menu item "Career".
Meanwhile, further links allowing easy access to my social media can be found at the bottom of the page.

I hope the new website will prove to be accessible and pleasant to use.
I wish you a nice stay and an enjoyable time browsing my content and products featured in my store.