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Language: EN / SK

Originally an avid fan of arts, I ended up studying applied graphics at School of Applied Arts in Ruzomberok, Slovakia which not only provided
me with knowledge and experience in graphic design but also taught me the basic fundamentals of art.

I continued on to study traditional arts on two separate colleges but ended up concluding that it is no longer what I wish to be doing with my life.
I resumed work in graphic design and desktop publishing, creating designs and prints for fashion outlets to be printed on clothing as well as
promotional materials for various entities, including posters for local events, concerts and gigs.
I dabbled some into game art as part of my interest in video game modding.
Eventually I grew a strong passion for 3d modeling and the associated creative processes, which I have never lost since.
Through the years I self taught myself the relevant techniques to the point where I can now share my work commercially.

In total, I have earned experience in the following fields:
• 7+ years in bitmap graphics and graphic design;
• 5+ years in 3d modeling and video game art;
• 2+ Years in print and desktop publishing;

Currently a freelance 3D artist, I'm open to offers in the form of full-time employment locally, within the regions of Slovakia and Czech Republic
as well as to offers of contract work either locally or worldwide.
If you would like to hire me for contract work or interest me in a job opportunity of yours please contact me via my email:
🔗 talavaj@gmail.com

For further information please consult my resume and portfolio provided below.
My interests and proficiencies allow me to provide you and your firm with value in the following positions:

• Game Designer - 3D Environment Artist                     • Game Designer - Level Design, Unity
• General 3D Artist - Media, Animation                         • Product / Architectural Visualization Artist

• Graphic Designer - Web, Software Applications         • Front-End Developer - Web
• Graphic Designer - Desktop Publishing, Print             • Desktop Publishing - Design and Operation



I always strive to stay up to date with all the latest tools and technologies on the market to keep up with current industry standards.
The following tools form the core of my professional skillset, encompassing a wide range of skills across fields of game art, design and print media.