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Please consult the relevant legal terms of the platform you have made your purchase on.
Payhip: Terms of Use
Unity Marketplace: Terms of Service
CGTrader: Terms and Conditions
Sketchfab: License Agreement

As per these terms, all purchases of Hybris Factory products are deemed final and non-refundable, unless required by a relevant consumer law.
Please refrain from submitting your refund claims via the aforementioned marketplaces as the are unlikely to become solved or brought to our attention.
If you are experiencing issues with any of our products or would like us to review your refund claim please do so by contacting us via this page.

However, do keep in mind that Hybris Factory is under no obligation to provide refunds or any other forms of reimbursement due to following:
• You have changed your mind about your purchase;
• You have purchased our product by mistake;
• You no longer deem the product fitting for the purpose you originally intended it for;
• The product you have purchased is too demanding to be efficiently used by your desired application;
• You don't have the necessary technical knowledge to employ the product's potential up to the standard indicated by the documentation in our store;

Products sold via our store are promoted "as is" with appropriate amounts of representative materials and live documentation necessary for
accurate portrayal of their artistic and technical qualities, including all of their relevant technical specifications.
We have no intent to exaggerate, warp or otherwise misinterpret the quality of products featured on our site.
All promotional materials contained on our site are representative of the end user experience and all relevant documentation necessary for achieving it
is supplied to the end user after purchase, either as part of the product itself or as documentation freely acessible on our website.

If you experience any technical issues with our product, please view our documentation or contact our support directly:
🔗 Contact Support

If you are otherwise unsatisfied with your purchase and insist on filling a refund claim that you believe to be due please contact us through this form:
🔗 Fill a Refund Claim

Make sure to include identifiable information in your refund claim, including the time of your purchase, the email account associated with the account
you have performed your purchase from and the Invoice number of the transaction in question, if at all possible.
Claims lacking identifiable information will not be set up for review.

Please allow for up to 7 calendar days for your request to be processed.
If we review your refund claim and assess it to be valid, you will be repaid in full via PayPal.