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🔗 Order an item from Hybris Factory - Non-Exclusive license        |        🔗 Order an item from Hybris Factory - Exclusive license

If none of the items currently offered in our store suit your need please feel free to fill an order using the links provided above.
On Demand allows you to request an item, be it a model or a texure, created according to the exact needs of your project.
Simply tell us what you want and we will look into whether we can make it for you.
Once completed you will be able to purchase and download your item via Payhip like any other of our products.
The price of your order will depend on which license you decide to purchase, be it the exclusive or the non-exclusive license.
The non-exclusive license is offered significantly cheaper, but your product will be added to our store for anybody else to purchase.
While the exclusive license grants you the exclusive right to use the product, which won't be licensed by us to any other licensees.

By filling and sending a request using the above links you submit an item order for us to review.
Once received, we will review the feasibility of your request and respond to you with our offer, which would include a projected
price based on the calculation of our hourly rate times the estimated amount of time your order would take to complete.
Due to practical, legal and other reasons we reserve the right to automatically reject orders for the following items:
• Characters and animated characters, includes but is not limited to: humans, humanoid characters, animals, critters;
• Content of illegal, sexual, defamatory or otherwise offensive nature;
• Licensed content that is not property released or content of which the license terms cannot be confirmed;
• Orders which would not be completed in realistic amounts of time - entire game levels, sizable asset packs et cetera;

Make sure to provide us with all the necessary information about your request before you submit it for review,
the better the documentation you provide the higher the chance that your order will be accepted and completed.
Please, allow for up to 7 calendar days for us to review your order.

An order submitted using our On Demand program is NOT a binding contract.

We cannot guarantee that your order will be accepted and completed in its entirety.
Submitting an On Demand order does not bind you with any obligation of payment whether you choose
to order an exclusive license or not.
In the case of failure to pay the fee for your exclusive license in 14 calendar days, your exclusive license will
be revoked and your order will be changed to non-exclusive and submitted into our store for other licensees to purchase.
Although the loss of your exclusive license is permanent and irreversible, you will be able to purchase the product under
the standard non-exclusive license from our store should you decide to do so at any point in the future.
If you wish to contact us in the matter of contract/hire work plase use the links in our Career page instead.